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Here are five mindset shifts you need to make to get writing improvement traction in the staffroom and the classroom.

Includes BONUS CONTENT: The rhythm of teaching writing

At the end of this module you will:

  • Understand the fundamental difference between the act of writing and teaching writing;
  • Understand that writing is an expression of thinking;
  • Understand that improving how we teach writing is about building teacher skills – and that takes time.
  • Understand that most of your writing improvement language should come from your subject area;
  • Understand that writing is a complex and holistic skill;
  • Understand why so many great programs fall short of their promise;
  • Understand that teaching writing has a musicality about it and teachers need to learn to play the program;
  • Be encouraged to look at your writing program and ask if it is giving your teachers the best chance at writing success?