Every teacher is a writing teacher.

Welcome to The Writing Hedge

The home of teaching writing

The Writing Hedge is devoted to helping teachers teach writing more effectively. Our evidence-based courses are written by experienced teachers and writers who understand the complexities of the classroom.

Writing is thinking

Writing is the end result of thinking in your subject. We help you ask better questions about the development of ideas and give you the tools to get thinking onto the page.

Teacher focused course design

Teaching writing is a complex skill simply because it has so many moving parts. We’ve designed our courses to help you navigate every part of the writing process and the range of student abilities.

For all teachers

Your students need to write clearly to show what they understand. Whether they’re writing about the significance of E=mc², Act IV of King Lear or changing weather patterns, we help you teach writing in the language of your subject.

 Meet the Teacher

Brad Kelly

MA – Ed Leadership, Grad Dip. Ed., BA

Brad Kelly is founder of The Writing Hedge. He is a teacher, writer and professional learning coach with two decades of experience in schools as a classroom teacher and in middle leadership.

Brad’s main professional interest is in how teachers teach writing from across the curriculum. He is fascinated by the complexity, flexible thinking, creativity and skill building required to teach writing well.

Why The Writing Hedge?

Simple. We focus on teachers and teaching writing.

Achieving writing improvement is the holy grail of high school leaders but it is slow and difficult to achieve. We accept that. But trying to apply tired solutions to old problems just leads to greater costs and frustration.

That’s why we’ve found a new angle.

We spend our days teaching,  observing, and workshopping how to teach writing more effectively. We’ve presented to 1,000 teachers in Australia across all sectors and some of the insights we’ve discovered have surprised even us.

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Teaching writing by the writing hedge

What We Do?

The Writing Hedge provides the total solutions to develop your teachers to improve how they teach writing.

Our top courses

AU Teacher Professional Standards 2.5.2
Important writing techniques

The One Difference That Makes All The Difference

There is a big difference between what students and teachers do in the writing classroom. Explore the one difference that makes all the difference.
Includes BONUS CONTENT: Learning is difficult. And that’s the point. + Let's Talk about PEEL

AU Teacher Professional Standards 2.5.2
Mindset shifts to improve teaching writing

Five Mindset Shifts to Improve Teaching Writing

Here are five mindset shifts you need to make to get writing improvement traction in the staffroom and the classroom.

Includes BONUS CONTENT: The rhythm of teaching writing

AU Teacher Professional Standards 2.2.2
Ten writing features

Ten Writing Features We All Want

Whatever your subject area, here at the ten features we all want from student writing.

AU Teacher Professional Standards 2.1.2 + 2.5.2
Teaching writing fundamentals

Teaching Writing Fundamentals

Includes >> The One Difference that Makes All the Difference, Learning is Difficult. And That’s the Point. Let’s Talk About PEEL. Ten Writing Features We All Want.
Teaching writing is a complex skill. In this self-paced online course, you will gain the knowledge and skills to become a more effective teacher of writing.

What people say about us

Brad changed my perspective on teaching and writing.

Sydney participant, DET. , The Teacher Writer Workshop

I will take this back to my team to deepen their learning about a better way of tackling writing in our 7-10 history classes.

Newcastle participant, Catholic , Writing in Junior History

Quite personalised and with individual feedback which is unusual for a teacher PD.

Sydney participant, DET , The Teacher Writer Workshop

The course has given me a really good shift in teaching my content more appropriately and in general practice. I love the idea of shifting the weight of what I do toward the outcomes. So simple but so powerful.

Port Macquarie participant , Improving Writing Instruction Across the Curriculum

Brad was easy to listen to. An experienced writer, approachable and helpful, highly knowledgeable.

Albury Participant, DET , Improving Writing Instruction Across the Curriculum